Most events at Auggie's have had to be postponed due to COVID-19, but the animal rescues that we support still need YOU. For April, we are honored to be supporting Nina's Network, founded by Chris Dominick. Nina's Network is unique within the animal rescue arena, in that they try to prevent the need for rescue.

So many cats and dogs end up in our shelters because the pet parents can no longer afford their care. Right now, so many people are laid-off or furloughed, that the calls for help to Nina's Network have risen dramatically.

We asked Chris what are the most pressing needs right now? She said, "Pet food, litter, gift cards, and cash for medical problems." If you are able to give to Nina's Network, then please do.

We are collecting pet supplies at the back of our store. When you come to collect your purchases curb-side, you can add to the donation box for Nina's Network. You can also donate money directly via the FaceBook fundraiser available on Auggie's Pet Supplies FaceBook page.

We can all do a little, that can help a lot. Thank you.