On Feb 3, 2017, the FDA announced a recall of Evangers Hunk of Beef canned dog food. Much has been said about this - from the food manufacturer to food conspiracists - much of it is confusing and contradictory. Auggie's Doggies confirmed that our cans of this product were not included in this recall, however, in an abundance of caution, we pulled the product from our shelves and will not be selling it until we get a delivery from a newer batch. The best article we've come across about is was carried in the Whole Dog Journal. It was unbiased and discussed discrepancies from both sides - the pet parent and the company. I'd like to share this article with you and encourage you do make up your own minds. As far as we are concerned, we will continue to carry Evanger's other products because we believe them to be a quality product and healthy for your pet kids. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!